Wine Down the Drain

One of Surface solutions existing customers are expanding production of the wine bottling process to other areas of their site. Previously they had issues with the wine attacking the concrete after breakages and spillages causing severe damage to the slab.

The client asked Surface Solutions to put forward a specification to cope with their demands. It was agreed we would Shot Blast all areas in preparation for the new system then open up all cracks and joints and fill with heavy duty epoxy mortar. Then we created a fall to drains using again Heavy-duty epoxy mortar to 35mm thick the centre reducing the thickness every meter. We then applied 2 coats of solvent free primer before the application by trowel of a Heavy-duty 4mm self-smoothing polyurethane as a finish to the 1,000m2 area.

The works took 7 days to complete on schedule and also on budget for our client.