Engineering Giants Demand Perfection!

One of the worlds finest engineering companies, established in 1883 and based in Staffordshire, was looking for a no-nonsense flooring system for the new premises they had bought.

This company has a customer base of petrochemical, nuclear and aviation clientele…a floor suitable for the work they carried out was essential…it needed to be able to withstand very heavy engineering stores for casting and be of outstanding quality.

The industrial unit is 2,300m2 and the floor required major surgery to bring it back to life.  The surface was pitted, it had remnants of old paint coatings and oil contamination.

Surface Solutions was invited to site and asked to provide recommendations and specifications for the preparation of the floor and the application of a suitable system. In addition to the floor needing a heavy duty coating, our client also gave us a very tight programme for the works to be completed…understandably, nothing less than perfection would be accepted.

Surface Solutions proposed very intense floor preparation which included vacuum assisted shot blasting to remove the old coatings and general dirt deposits.  This was to be followed by vacuum assisted diamond grinding to all edges and column bases.

In order to deal with the oil contamination in the concrete, we proposed the use of controlled propane burners to burn off the surface of the oil and heat the floor prior to the application of a solvent free epoxy primer to seal in any residual oil left in the slab. 

Whilst the primer was still wet, a dry silica aggregate was applied to the primer and this was allowed to cure.  We finally proposed a Weber liquid pumped industrial screed which combined with the above preparation methods, would create a floor suitable to receive an epoxy coating.

The first coat of epoxy was a hard-wearing water based coating and as our client wanted a matt finish, we then applied a polyurethane coating.

This project combined the use of a number of preparation methods followed by the application of various coatings…it was an extensive programme but we were again able to meet our clients expectations in the agreed time frame of two visits to site whilst also carrying out all our works within our original quoted price.