Bespoke Unique Epoxy

A luxury fire and stove company required a lavish showroom floor.

Surface Solutions were approached by Luxury Fires and Stoves to assist them with a new showroom floor

The showroom features Dru modern and luxury fires. Our Client required a modern and stylish floor to complement their luxury fires and stoves. It was decided that an epoxy metallic flooring system would be the ideal flooring solution to create a stylish and a bespoke finish.

We used vacuum assisted diamond grinders to remove all surface coatings left by the previous user. All cracks and joints were filled using a heavy-duty epoxy mortar. Then we applied one coat of solvent free epoxy coating as a primer. We then applied by trowel the Metallica system to all areas as a finish.

The works was carried out in one phase and took 5 days to complete.