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Floor Primer

Surface Prime SF is our clear, low viscosity, solvent free, epoxy floor primer. It is used to seal and prime concrete and other substrates prior to the application of liquid resin systems. Surface Prime SF is absorbed into the substrate sealing off surface defects which may cause 'bubbling' on the final surface finish. It is compatible with and adheres well to an extensive range of epoxy resin and polyurethane resin flooring systems.


Surface Prime SF is used as a primer with our following Surface Resin flooring systems:
  • Surface Tect (Porous Substrates) (Please see 'Industrial Floor Coating' under our 'Product Sales' section to the left of this page)
  • Surface Floor Repair (Porous Substrates) (Please see 'Floor Repair' under our 'Product Sales' section to the left of this page)
Surface Prime SF may also be used to seal and reinforce porous concrete prior to the application of other resin based flooring products. This product adheres to concrete, metal, wood and most flooring compositions.


Apply by brush or roller, working the resin well into the surface. Apply further resin on porous surfaces until the surface is completely wetted out. Then push / spread the resin out as thinly as possible, leaving just enough resin on the surface to give a wet appearance. Allow the primer to cure hard before applying the appropriate resin system but do not allow longer than 48 hours between applications.

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A PDF datasheet for Surface Primer is available by clicking here