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Floor Primer

Surface Prime SF is our clear, low viscosity, solvent free, epoxy floor primer. It is used to seal and prime concrete and other substrates prior to the application of liquid resin systems. Surface (More info)

Floor Coating WD

Surface Coat WD is our water miscible, 2 part water dispersed epoxy resin floor seal. It has good adhesion to a wide variety of substrates to produce a tough, hard wearing floor finish and is (More info)

Industrial Floor Coating

Our industrial floor coating - Surface Tect is a solvent free high build epoxy coating for use on concrete or grano. It has excellent abrasion and chemical resistance and provides a heavy duty (More info)

Floor Repair

Surface Floor Repair compound is a new concept for the repair of concrete and other flooring. Floor Repair is modified low odour polyurethane concrete which has been specifically designed to provide (More info)

Surface Flow

Surface Flow is a heavy duty, industrial, cement based screed which adheres well to concrete and provides a smooth floor finish which can be coated using Surface Coat WD, available in a various (More info)

Garage Floor Coating

Surface Tect - This is Surface Tect being applied to a domestic garage floor.Most domestic garage floors are made up of a poor quality concrete that has been left in an unsatisfactory state when (More info)

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