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Pump Screed Application

Pump Screeds are rapid hardening, self-levelling screeds intended for use as a surface layer on industrial flooring. The material is especially suitable where you need a completed floor within a limited time frame. Once applied, this system is ready for normal traffic use without further finishing but if you wish, it may be coated with a suitable resin in a colour of your choice

Suitable Areas of Application

The screeds are designed for use in industrial environments on both new floors and for renovation projects. They are used for the levelling and smoothing of floors subject to heavy traffic and abrasion - such as factories, production areas and warehouses etc. They are designed to provide a wearing surface which is applied directly to the substrate or on top of a base material.

Application of the Screed

Please Note - These materials must only be used by approved contractors who have had intensive training and significant suitable experience on both the technical and practical issues involved.

The preparation of the floor prior to the application of the screed is critical for the long term success of the system.

Surface Solutions have had over 30 years experience in the use of and application of this system, in addition we have all the neccesary modern dust free preparation equipment including:-

  • Shot blasting machines
  • Diamond grinding machines
  • Concrete planers

(Concrete planers will reduce any areas of 'high spots' in a slab which will then reduce the volume of screed needed to acheive level floors.)

  Screed Application

Pump Screed Application In Process...

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