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Industrial Floor Coating

Our industrial floor coating - Surface Tect is a solvent free high build epoxy coating for use on concrete or grano. It has excellent abrasion and chemical resistance and provides a heavy duty coating which will withstand many years of general trolley or foot traffic (areas with heavy fork lift truck activity may have a greatly reduced lifespan however). The high build characteristics of Surface Tect permit the application of coatings in excess of 0.25mm per coat. Two coats of Surface Tect provide a build equivalent to almost 10 coats of conventional coatings containing solvent. Surface Tect can give a smooth and easily cleanable surface.

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Surface Tect is used in areas requiring good wear and chemical resistance combined with economical cost. It is suitable for chemical plant storage areas, warehousing, toilets, food preparation areas etc.


Surface Tect is a fairly thick resin and although it can be applied and will cure at low temperatures, an ambient in excess of 10ºC is preferable. Surface Tect does not normally require a primer however when treating extremely week or porous concrete it is advisable to prime with our Surface Prime SF.

Apply by medium nap roller directly from a paint tray. Push the resin well into the surface making sure the floor is fully wetted and then pull back lightly with the roller to the required thickness. Use coverage rates detailed on our data sheet as a guide to thickness.

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A PDF datasheet for Surface Tect is available by clicking here.



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