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Floor Coating WD

Surface Coat WD is our water miscible, 2 part water dispersed epoxy resin floor seal. It has good adhesion to a wide variety of substrates to produce a tough, hard wearing floor finish and is available in a range of 12 standard colours or as a clear seal. Surface Coat WD unfortunately is not available in white.

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Surface Coat WD can be used as decorative or clear dustproof seal on industrial floors in food preparation areas, warehouses, breweries etc. It does not contain solvents and is therefore more acceptable for use in areas prone to tainting. It adheres well to concrete, grano and asphalt. A single coat may also be applied directly to 'green' concrete to provide early protection from other trades or as a curing membrane to control water loss.


On porous concrete it is recommended that a coat of clear Surface Coat WD is applied to provide a primer prior to the application of subsequent coloured coats. It should be applied by brush, roller or spray and we would recommend the use of a paint tray for best results.

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A PDF datasheet for Surface Coat WD is available by clicking here.


  Surface Coat WD

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